CONMED Linvatec Launches New Linvatec Shoulder Restoration System

UTICA, NY — (Marketwire) — 07/07/09 — CONMED Corporation’s (NASDAQ: CNMD) CONMED Linvatec arthroscopy unit announced today that it has launched its Linvatec Shoulder Restoration System (Linvatec SRS).

The Linvatec Shoulder Restoration System is a comprehensive system for rotator cuff repair that supports multiple surgical techniques, facilitates secure reconstruction, and provides optimal tissue tensioning that leads to successful clinical outcomes. This innovative system permits intra-operative flexibility by providing the surgeon with the ability to choose from any of the most advanced rotator cuff repair techniques including single row, double row and transosseous equivalent fixation.

The Linvatec SRS is comprised of several components including state-of-the-art suture anchors and instrumentation as follows:

— PopLok(TM) Knotless Suture Anchor
Designed for primary and lateral row fixation, the PopLok(TM) is an all PEEK (Polyetheretherkeytone) anchor offered in 3.5 and 4.5mm sizes. The PopLok(TM) is a significant step forward in knotless technology by providing for tensioning sutures separately from anchor seating as well as for securing the sutures regardless of bone quality. The PopLok(TM) is cannulated to channel growth factors to the repair site capitalizing on the body’s healing powers to restore rotator cuff integrity. The PopLok(TM) provides these advantages while affording ease-of-use second to none.

— CrossFT(TM) Fully Threaded Suture Anchor
Composed of PEEK, the CrossFT(TM) is offered in 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5mm sizes with multiple suture configurations. Incorporating both a fully threaded design and a dual thread profile, the CrossFT(TM) provides a radiolucent option with significant fixation strength and security. As with the PopLok(TM), the CrossFT(TM) is cannulated to channel growth factors to the repair site.

— Super Revo-FT(TM) and ThRevo-FT(TM) Fully Threaded Suture Anchors
The Super Revo-FT(TM) and ThRevo-FT(TM), both 5.0mm titanium anchors, are offered with two or three sutures, respectively. These anchors offer an excellent option for surgeons who prefer to visualize the anchor after rotator cuff repair while capitalizing on the proven Revo® design for exceptional performance. The self-drilling Revo® design eliminates a step during the insertion process to save valuable OR time.

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