Johnson & Johnson medical device presence growing in China

May 27, 2014 | By 

Not satisfied with being the world’s biggest health-care products company, Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) will expand its already dominant presence in China later this year when it introduces plates and screws manufactured in the country at its Suzhou facility.

J&J orthopedic chairman Michel Orsinger

The devices, which are used to mend broken bones, will be introduced as local products and as such will be eligible for higher reimbursements from the Chinese government, Michel Orsinger, chairman of J&J’s global orthopedics group, told Bloomberg. Clinical trials in the country have already been conducted for the products, he said.

The company also recently announced an exclusive agreement with Nova Biomedical to supply Chinese hospitals with J&J’s StatStrip, a blood glucose testing system. According to the company, one-quarter of the world’s diabetics live in China. It’s also eyeing the country’s $250 million vision market, especially after the Chinese government announced this year it will begin covering vision care, including contact lenses for those younger than 18.

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