Pedicle Screws vs. Hybrid Instrumentation for Scoliosis — Which is Better?

Written by  Laura Dyrda | Wednesday, 16 July 2014 10:57

An article published in Spine compares the cervical sagittal balance of two adolescent idiopathic scoliosis correction constructs — pedicle screws and hybrid instrumentation using hooks and pedicle screws.

 The study included two series of 25 nonconsecutive patients with Lenke type-I AIS who underwent spinal fusion. In the first series, patients were treated with thoracic pedicle screw constructs; in the second series, patients were treated with hybrid constructs. Patients were followed for two years. The researchers found:

1. There was a lordic effect on the T5-T12 kyphosis after surgery in both groups. The average loss for the hybrid group was 6.1 degrees and the average loss for the pedicle screw group was 77 degrees. A study published in 2006 comparing pedicle screw and hybrid instrumentation for posterior spinal fusion in scoliosis correction found pedicle screw instrumentation can offer a “significantly better major curve correction and postoperative pulmonary function values without neurologic problems compared with hybrid constructs.”




Josh Sandberg

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