Univ of CT was issued US Patent “Concentration of stem cells obtained during orthopaedic surgeries”

Methods for isolating and concentrating bone marrow stromal cells drawn from various surgical sites (for example, the proximal humeral head during rotator cuff repair, or the distal femur during ACL surgery) during arthroscopic or open orthopaedic surgery. The pluripotent cells obtained from the bone marrow aspirate can then be reimplanted during the same surgery to improve healing.



What is claimed as new and desired to be protected by Letters Patent of the United States is: 

1. A method of conducting arthroscopic surgery, the method consisting of the steps of: harvesting a bone marrow aspirate from proximal humeral head or from distal femur undergoing arthroscopic or open orthopedic surgery; subjecting, during the arthroscopic or open orthopedic surgery, the bone marrow aspirate to a centrifugation process for 5 minutes to obtain concentrated multipotent cells of the bone marrow aspirate and a residual component; separating the concentrated multipotent cells from the residual component; and re-implanting, during the same arthroscopic or open orthopedic surgery, the concentrated and separated multipotent cells into the proximal humeral head or the distal femur, or to the proximal humeral head or the distal femur, to promote tissue growth. 

2. The method of claim 1, wherein the arthroscopic or open orthopedic surgery is rotator cuff repair or ACL repair.


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