Royal Oak Medical Devices Makes Unique, Cost-Saving “Rep-less” Model Available Nationwide

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Michigan-based medical device manufacturing company, Royal Oak Medical Devices (ROMD), has announced that its uniquely “rep-less” and cost-saving model for directly providing high quality, US made surgical tools and devices is now available on a national level. The company has been enjoying success with regionally focused accounts at several centers of excellence dotted around the US and is now making its services and products available to healthcare professionals and facilities nationwide.

ROMD specifically addresses the evolving cost-, quality-, and accessibility-related needs of hospitals and clinical surgery centers today. Its innovative business model is designed to create a genuine partnership with every hospital and surgical center with which it works – resulting in the best possible patient care at greatly reduced costs.

The company manufactures and distributes high quality, US made orthopedic spinal implants and instruments at prices 40% – 70% less than what have previously been considered the “lowest” nationally contracted price points. This is possible due to the company’s vertical integration with its parent manufacturing company, Royal Oak Industries, which has been at the forefront of design and production of precision-machined components for years. With everything made on-site in its Michigan facilities and with a track record of excellence for precision and safety, Royal Oak Industries has come to the rescue of many industries in need of precision quality and home-grown cost savings. ROMD directly brings Royal Oak Industries’ experience, expertise and unique capabilities to the world of healthcare and medical device component manufacturing.

By blending Royal Oak Industries’ precision machining, R&D capabilities and experience with ROMD’s team of medical device professionals, a streamlined business model has emerged to help eliminate legacy R&D costs along with multiple layers of sales and marketing infrastructure – enabling significant cost savings without compromising quality. Royal Oak works directly with its customers, cutting out the need for sales reps and associated fees.

Every ROMD product is manufactured on site in the United States, is FDA 510K cleared, is controlled under an ISO 13485 Quality Management System, and is 2D etched for traceability and inventory management.

Purchasing from Royal Oak Medical Devices is straightforward and simple. Its flexible consignment and purchasing plans enable medical facilities to develop programs specific to their unique inventory requirements.

For more information about Royal Oak Medical devices, visit www.royaloakmed.com.

Media: For product photos, additional information or to arrange an interview with a Royal Oak Medical Devices spokesperson or surgeon who has worked with the products, contact Paul Williams via paul@medialinecommunications.com or 310/569-0023.


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