Spinal imaging company lands $9.5 million from investors

By Chad Swiatecki

Ortho Kinematics Inc., an Austin-based medical diagnostics company focused on spinal imaging, has received $9.5 million from investors. The money is part of a proposed $10.6 million round from the company.

The company reported previously that it is attempting to commercialize its vertebral motion analysis technology that can capture video X-ray-type images of the spine while in motion.

The latest funding is on top of nearly $10 million the company received from investors in 2014.

CEO Paul Gunmoe was away from Austin on business Tuesday and could not be reached for comment.

The company was founded in 2008 and has received funding from the state’s sometimes controversial Emerging Technology Fund. In 2012 it named Gunmoe as its CEO, with founder and former CEO Adam Deitz transitioning to the role of chief technology officer.


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