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Objective, subjective data similar between patients with, without peripheral nondegenerative MMTs

By Casey Tingle

LOS ANGELES — No differences were found in objective and subjective results between patients with peripheral nondegenerative medial meniscus tears treated with trephination alone and a control group without meniscus tears, according to results presented at the Arthroscopy Association of North America Annual Meeting.

“Nondisplaceable, nondegenerative peripheral vertical medial meniscus tears can heal with trephination alone at the time of ACL reconstruction,” K. Donald Shelbourne, MD, said during his presentation. “Subjective functional scores are not statistically different than those of patients with intact menisci. Radiographic changes are uncommon and, when present, are minor.”

Shelbourne and colleagues matched 419 patients with peripheral nondegenerative medial meniscus tears (MMTs) of greater than 1 cm but less than half of the circumference of the meniscus, no lateral meniscus tears, no arthritic changes on radiographs before surgery and no bilateral knee involvement with a control group of 426 patients who met the same criteria but had no MMTs. Objective data included IKDC objective evaluation, whereas subjective data consisted of IKDC and Cincinnati Knee Rating System survey scores.



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